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March 2013, our company settled in Jingdong online store

Public date: 2017-12-4 7:25:42


März 2013, unsere Firma in Jingdong Online Mall, Bühne Regale I Division Produkte, die 5 Jahre dauerte, die Leistung allmählich stetig steigen, Jingdong Mall home Suche, "Europa und den Vereinigten Staaten", können Sie unsere wichtigsten suchen Offizieller Flagship-Store, Haushaltswaren aus einer Hand Qi, Geschirr, Küchenutensilien, Töpfe, Hardware, Utensilien, etc., leicht verfügbar.


In 2015, our company successfully settled in China Telecom Online Shopping Mall, China International Aviation Mall, China Unicom Points Mall, taking points exchange system for gifts; Phoenix Phoenix Music partners with many partners to provide you with a variety of mileage accumulation and available Redeem prizes. Whenever you fly on Air China's member airlines or partner airlines, or on a contract partner basis, you earn miles to redeem rewards, rewards upgrades, and Bonus Mall products.

Xiamen OSM Commodity Co., Ltd.

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