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Xiamen OSM Commodity Co., Ltd. is a professional production and operation of quality stainless steel appliances business, the company of "quality comes first, service-oriented" business philosophy, adhere to the development of all kinds of new, high-quality, practical kitchen supplies, has been the vast number of consumers, The end channel strongly recognized.

Quality legend

Time to verify everything, it quietly, leaving only the classic.

Europe and the United States was born in 2010! High-quality steel, superb technology, European and American countries to give the United States unique personality: quality comes first, tenacity and fear of erosion, constant pursuit of innovation!

Europe and the United States is now with the Wal-Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Japan Yi Tang Yang Huatang Co., Ltd., Vanguard, Fat East to the retail terminal companies such as the establishment of a good relationship of cooperation.

As a professional manufacturer of stainless steel household goods brand, Europe and the United States has more than 300 kinds of products, with the major well-known Dashang maintained good relations of cooperation in the provision of quality products at the same time, Europe and the United States lead the Nordic fashion kitchen concept, so that cooking to become a treat , The home life expanded to a new realm, bring people visible quality and taste of life.

Europe and the United States, trying to meet the maximum limit of people's passion for food and cooking, so that modern life become more three-dimensional.

Europe and the United States logo history:

⑴ from Europe, fashion, classic

⑵ the combination of art and kitchen utensils, every kind of product can become a table artwork

Europe and the United States focused on the United States and the details of the control, the quality of bit:

斯德利 金门 菜刀

More than 100 craft, only for the achievement of a good knife

More than 100 process tempering, making lasting sharp knife, grip more comfortable, more balanced sense, is the kitchen utility is also the heritage of art.



European taste steamed multi-layer steamed multi-cooker steamer

In 2013, focusing on research and development, we developed a brand new steamer with "healthier fumes" and "energy saving and environmental protection"


Steel cover can be seen, cooking visible


Bakelite anti-hot handle


Boost steamed, increase capacity

European taste 304 stainless steel chopsticks

Internal hollow design, food grade stainless steel, use rest assured


Orpheus stainless steel Western tableware

Another beautiful table fashion, profile generous art tableware


European taste soup pots, dish dishes, salad pots, scale pots soup products

Food in full bloom, convenient and quick


Multi-function knife cut, all cut, easy to get


Western-style, practical home gadgets, convenient storage


"Personalized table culture ---- our choice!", We are conscientious and do our best to make every effort to create a beautiful dining landscape.

Xiamen OSM Commodity Co., Ltd.

Address:The Lake District of Xiamen City Hua Jia Lake Industrial Park No. 27,2 floor





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